Use the strengths of your favorite protocol to have a chat !

Composable chatrooms super-charged according to your needs: anonymity, DAO membership-based access, certified announcement channels with multisig support... The possibilities are endless !


Discussions for everyone

Finding the right balance to secure your conversions can be quite challenging. That's why we've built Signary, a conversational hub, where you can enjoy discussions with a different level of privacy, security and anonymity according to your needs.

State of the Art Security

Signary takes your security and privacy very seriously: although your conversations are stored on chains, every private rooms are encrypted and shared with our oracle while you can benefit from a transaction relayer or even enjoy high-level anonymity with our Semaphore integration.

Bring Your Own Protocol

Interoperability is at the heart of Signary: wherever you want to meet new people on public channels, chill in a restricted area with your friends or access an anonymous room, we got you covered ! But you can also integrate your favorite protocol and benefit from its features with Signary ! You want it ? Build it !

Behind the scenes

Discord how Signary works behind the scenes by using awesome bleeding-edge technologies.

An ambitious roadmap

Mobile application

Message notifications

Gnosis integration

Protocol integration docs

Decentralized frontend

Multi-chain support